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Dot VN, Inc. an Internet and Telecommunications Company and the exclusive online global domain name registrar for the Country of Vietnam, announced that it has begun the sunrise period for registering its new “Industry Domains” exclusively managed by Dot VN. The Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (“VNNIC”) has granted to Dot VN the exclusive rights to register twenty-four industry specific sub-domain names (“Industry Domains”) to be managed directly by Dot VN. The goal of Dot VN's Industry Domain service is to create the leading resource for Vietnamese businesses and customers, both domestically and worldwide, to find each other. This new service allows a “.VN” domain registrant to register sub domains under the new Industry Domains which includes “banks.vn”, “hotels.vn”, “fashion.vn”, “it.vn”, “arts.vn” and “cars.vn”. Thus, for example, customers will be able to register and be listed on Dot VN's directory “[bank name].banks.vn” or “[company name].business.vn” based on their particular industry. This service creates a single definitive destination for potential customers to find the goods and services they need in Vietnam. Currently, Dot VN is the only registrar authorized by the VNNIC to offer this additional level of service.

The Industry Domain service is in the sunrise period, which will run until May 31, 2009, during which time registrants who own trademarks can register a domain name containing their owned mark. Beginning June 1, 2009, all sub domains within the Dot VN Industry Domain service will be open for general registration. The Industry Domain service will be offered at 100 USD per sub domain per year.

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What are Subdomains?
Perhaps you've heard of subdomains but are not sure what they are or why they're useful? Read on to find out more.

Multiple Meanings
There are two distinct meanings of the word subdomain when discussing domain names: one technical meaning and one popular meaning. It's important to understand both so that when others speak with either one in mind, you'll know what they mean.

Technically, in the Domain Name System (DNS) a subdomain is any subdivision of a larger domain. In this understanding, in this understanding, because the top-level domains (TLDs) like .com and .net divide up the Internet, they are the highest level subdomain. Domains like amazon.com or us.gov and the next level of subdomain, and so on and so on. It is conceived of as a hierarchy, like the hierarchy of divisions on your computer hard drive.

In popular parlance, subdomain refers specifically to the level of division after domains. Coming after TLDs and domains, subdomains forms the third level of the hierarchy. Notice that in Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), the TLDs are on the far right, and each subsequent level down is one step to the left. So you would expect to find subdomains to the left of the domain name. Some people use the term vanity domain to refer to a subdomain. Especially because the term vanity domain has a particular meaning with regard to unintended use of Country code TLDs (cTLDs), it is suggested that the names be kept distinct.

What's a Subdomain Good For?
With a subdomain, you can clearly indicate important subdivisions of your site, like departments, functions, or services. For example, universities might use subdomains for their major divisions, like humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences, like this:

An online seller might distinguish their company information from their forum from their webstore, from their affiliates program, like this:

Subdomains can also designate individual host servers, and subdomains such as ftp and mail do this, in this way:

Different server clusters can be specified as well, using discriminators such as www2, www3, etc.

Note that it is possible to construct website divisions with paths that follow the domain name and which are divided by slashes, like this:

Subdomains can also be used to allow separate site sections for different members of an organization or family, or even to create separate sub-sites.

Industry Domains exclusively managed by Dot VN available for Sunrise Registration

























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