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The first step to registering a .VN domain name, is to find out if it is available.
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Enter the .VN address you would like to register.
Then select an "extension" (.VN,.COM.VN, .NET.VN, .ORG.VN, .EDU.VN, .GOV.VN, .INT.VN, .AC.VN, .BIZ.VN, .NAME.VN, .INFO.VN, .PRO.VN, .HEALTH.VN ) with which you would like your .VN address to end.

Click Search to check whether or not these dotVN addresses are available.

If domain name is not available, you can perform another search by repeating steps 1-3 again to find a name you like.




e.g. mycompany

.VN Domain Names Have A Variety Of Basic Rules
  • Use only letters, letter and numbers, or hyphen ("-").
  • Do not enter spaces or other punctuation.
  • Cannot begin or end with a hyphen.
  • Must have at least 1 character, but no more than 63 characters for third level .COM.VN, .NET.VN....


  • The established price to register any .COM.VN, .NET.VN , .ORG.VN... extension domain name has been set initially at $100.00 USD per name per year. Domain name registrations are processed immediately and are non-refundable.
  • The established price to register the 2nd level of .VN extension domain name has been set initially at $200.00 USD per name per year. Domain names are processed immediately and are non-refundable.

       Regulations and Restrictions:

  • Any registrations that are denied by VNNIC will be promptly given a full refund within 30 days from the day of denied notice.
  • If there are any problems with your order, we will contact you via email as soon as possible.
  • Prices may subject to change without notice.
Trademark Holders Awareness

With the increased popularity of the .VN ccTLD we are experiencing an increased amount of cyber squatting. Companies that wish to protect their brand integrity should register their corporate name with .VN to ensure that their brand names are protected. With the rapid growth of the Vietnamese economy many companies are seeking to do business in this ascending market. As the trade and economy continue to progress in Southern Asia so will the demand and popularity of the .VN ccTLD. Cyber squatters have taken heed to this progression, and as a result are registering domain names with rapidity not unlike the emergence of the .com and .net extensions during the first Internet revolution.

Domain name arbitration transfer is a long and tedious process.
Companies must either arbitrate the transfer themselves or hire a domain manager to broker the transfer. Both ways are time consuming and costly. By registering a .VN ccTLD today, entities can avoid this hassle and protect their brand integrity in Southern Asia. We encourage all conglomerates to protect their digital identity and make their presence known in Asian and Vietnam.

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